Chain Transactions

Dec 1, 2019

Sell first or buy first? There are pros and cons of each. But there is a third option that is better than both of these.

A lot of people find themselves procrastinating re upgrading their property because they’re asking themselves hard questions like:

  • Should I sell first or buy first?
  • Can I get bridging finance?
  • Will I be able to get a new mortgage or do I need to ensure I keep my existing one?

Buying and selling at auction creates very inflexible timing and can make it impossible to line things up. That’s where a buying agent can help. By accessing off-market opportunities and sitting down around a table with potential buyers and sellers a buying agent can help you negotiate settlement dates and terms that line everything up. A transaction where your sale and your purchase a lined up is called a “chain” transaction and very common in Europe. In the UK for example the majority of property transactions involve a “chain” transaction.