What we do

We help people find and acquire prestige property in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. We provide access to exclusive properties they wouldn’t otherwise find, save our clients’ time, and save them money by negotiating from a position of strength and experience. Whether you’re looking for a home, an investment property, or a development site, we would love to help.

our process

Optimal brief

To reach your destination you have to know exactly where you’re going. We use a plethora of proprietary mind-tools to help you articulate exactly what you need, want, and don’t need.

Ryan fully understood what we were looking for and his direct and honest advice on the house, location, build structure, positives and negatives, gave us the comfort needed to proceed with the purchase.

BP & GP - Investment Banker based in London - read more here

Optimal access

In the Eastern Suburbs, the on-market listings just scratch the surface of what’s actually available. We are tapped into deep veins of proprietary information through strong local relationships with real estate agents and property owners alike, providing Optima’s clients with a vast array of additional choice.

He has incredible connections that allow him to view off market properties, and within a short period of time, he helped us access and view over 100 houses.

WK & MK - Professional (Lawyer) & Marketing Director - read more here

Optimal research

Our detailed due diligence and local knowledge is what sets us apart. We speak to neighbours, council, inspectors, builders, and/or structural engineers, and that’s just the start. By the time you sign off on a purchase you will have absolute confidence that every detail has been considered.

A genuine outstanding service from end to end. Meticulous research, completely informed and thorough.

DM & DM - Entrepreneur based in Italy - read more here

optimal support

For the uninitiated, buying a property involves a series of unfamiliar and confusing steps. We’ll be your personal support from start to end and beyond. Relax knowing you’re in experienced hands.

Ryan holds your hand through the entire process and advises from his heart.

DS - Medical Professional - read more here

Optimal information

The only way to know the market is to be immersed in the market. Smart players know that you can’t rely on the statistics as they only tell part of the story and usually way too late. Each year we inspect literally thousands of properties and attend hundreds of auction, so our handle on the market is unmatched.

Your ability to empower us with information to make the right call at the right time was remarkable.

AP & LP - Executive Migrating from South Africa - read more here

Optimal valuation

Our track record of getting valuations right is unparalleled, backed by years of actuarial experience. We’ll talk sense into you if you get too attached to a specific property and just as importantly we’ll make sure you don’t miss out unnecessarily by undervaluing a property.

Ryan knows the value of each and every home to the nearest percent.

Charlie Beaumont - PPD Real Estate - read more here

Optimal play

Negotiation is a careful art. Closing the deal and securing the property you want is a high stakes game. Information is power and we’ll bring it all together with an iron fist in a velvet glove to get you the optimal result.

He is a tough negotiator but he does it with a polished style.

Gavin Rubinstein - The Rubinstein Group - read more here

Optimal purchase

Everything we do culminates in an Optimal Purchase. This is what drives us and we take our responsibility very seriously. Making a mistake is simply not an option. You’re here because you want the best. Using our market knowledge, commercial acumen, deep relationships, and a personal passion for negotiating property we deliver an unmatched buyer’s agent offering to each and every client.

Ryan is unique and a breath of fresh air in the real estate industry – highly intelligent, street wise, trustworthy, highly strategic and entrepreneurial.

DK & AK - Entrepreneur - read more here

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Ryan Glick

Private Equity Actuary turned Buyer’s Agent

After qualifying as an Actuary, Ryan spent over 20 years working in venture capital and growth businesses before selling out and pursuing his dream of helping people buy property.

With a passion for property and a love of good deals Ryan applies his strong analytical ability with his talent for negotiation to bring an unmatched offering to people seeking high-end property in Sydney.

Ryan lives in Bellevue Hill with his wife and three kids and loves every bit of life in the Eastern Suburbs. Whether he is running up Heartbreak Hill, walking the dog along Rose Bay, swimming with the kids at Bondi, or eating and drinking in Double Bay, Ryan loves nothing more than taking advantage of the world class lifestyle available in Sydney’s East.


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Frequently asked questions

If you want the get the best possible outcome on the biggest purchase of your life, then there is no question. The benefit that we will deliver far exceeds the fees so it’s a no-brainer.

Working with Optima will:

  • Save you time
  • Ensure you don’t overpay
  • Ensure you don’t miss out on a bargain
  • Give you access to off market properties
  • Sense-check your thinking
  • Help see the vision for what you can do with a property and how much it is likely to cost
  • Cut through the real-estate agent’s sales pitch
  • Be calm in a high pressure auction situation
  • Do extensive due diligence on the property before you buy it, asking questions you’d never think to ask and finding information you’d never have access to
  • Guide you through the tricks to managing the age old “sell first or buy first” juggle
  • Maintain discretion
  • Know each agent’s negotiation style to optimise the way you play.

You’re here because you want unmatched excellence.

  1. Sophistication
    A qualified Actuary with a career in both private equity and business, Ryan applies a sophisticated approach to ensure an accurate valuation and assessment of every situation. In some cases an elegant deal structure will be architected to help the client transact brilliantly. Nobody does more homework than us and nobody’s approach has the level of sophistication we have.
  2. Negotiation
    If your negotiation strategy is as simple as making a lowball offer, then you’re leaving way too much money on the table. We are absolutely expert in negotiation having studied and passionately practiced negotiation for over 30 years. There is a plethora of techniques for persuading the sellers to do what we need at the time we need.
  3. Quality Not Quantity
    We only work exclusively with a select handful of clients at any one time.
    Working with Opitma means you’ll get the founder, Ryan, at your service personally inspecting the properties, available 24/7, working around the clock immersing himself in your brief, and negotiating the final outcome in person. Agencies with multiple agents have to manage conflict of interest if two of their agents have similar briefs which often means one of their clients misses out on opportunities. Our Founder, Ryan, only works exclusively with our clients so there are no conflicts, missed opportunities or distractions.
  4. Independence
    Optima doesn’t pay real estate agents for referrals, and we don’t accept referral payments when we recommend a professional. You can be sure if you get referred to Optima by an agent it’s because they think Optima is the best, and not because they are getting paid for the referral. Time and time again agents will recommend Optima over a buyer’s agent who would pay them a kickback.
  5. Integrity & Intrinsic Motivation
    We are motivated by getting the best outcome for the client, and not the fee. Ryan works as a buyer’s agent first and foremost for the challenge. The trust that stems from that is something money cannot buy. Ryan has absolutely no hesitation advising a client against buying a property when it’s the wrong property. The combination of our unique fee structure and working exclusively on briefs ensures we never benefit more from the client spending more money, and we never benefit from pressuring the client to do a deal.

Our fee structure has two parts:

  1. An Engagement Fee: This is paid up front when you engage us. This signifies your commitment to working with us to get the result you want.
  2. Success Fee: This is paid when we purchase your property. This is calculated as a percentage of the midpoint of your budget range. We prefer this structure compared to a percentage of the purchase price as that structure would reward us if you paid more and penalise us if we get you the deal of the century.

Because you’ve enlisted the help and guidance of an expert, your buyer’s agent will save you money, not cost you money. The time you save and the outcome we achieve will far outweigh the fee.

Our expertise and capabilities extend far beyond our shores. We also offer a unique white glove service to high-net-worth individuals and family offices based in Australia.

If you’re looking to purchase a high-end residential property in a foreign city, we can assist with everything – from navigating foreign ownership regulations to tax considerations, and of course, search, negotiation and much more. Our principal, Ryan Glick, will travel to the desired city and work closely with our affiliated buyer’s agency in that location. From there, a shortlist of suitable properties will be created, refined and presented for your consideration.

Similar to the overseas clients we work with who buy in Sydney, you may wish to buy a property sight-unseen based on our recommendation. Alternatively, you may choose to travel to the city for a personalised inspection of the top three options before making a decision. Our post-purchase concierge service can also assist with having the property finished to your taste, allowing you to simply ‘fly in, fly out’ at your convenience.

Over the years Optima has honed our offering to suit the clientele we attract. Today we specialise in servicing 7 key categories of clients.

  1. Entrepreneurs
    As an entrepreneur who has founded and sold a number of successful technology and consumer goods businesses, Optima founder Ryan Glick understands the entrepreneurs’ way of thinking about risk, reward and opportunity.
  2. Professionals
    Doctors, lawyers and engineers are generally time poor and want someone who can make sure they get a good deal. They generally want straight talking, solid reasoning, and everything presented in an easy-to-digest format – this is one of Optima’s specialties.
  3. Downsizers
    Downsizers choose Optima for two key reasons. First, they need to deal with someone they can trust implicitly and absolutely. Second, they need someone who understands that minimising hassle is of utmost importance. We also often advise these clients on the selling process as well as purchasing.
  4. Finance Professionals
    Investment bankers are very busy, like to do deals, and like to use smarts to identify undervalued assets to beat the system. We understand this mindset from Ryan’s background in private equity. We approach property search with the level of sophistication and financial acumen of an investment banker.
  5. Foreign Clients (including Expats)
    We have orchestrated the purchase of many Eastern Suburbs properties on behalf of overseas clients living in locations such as the United Kingdom, China, South Africa, Europe, and the USA. Our customised and thorough 7 point process has allowed many overseas clients to confidently purchase properties in Sydney sight unseen.
  6. Family Money
    Family offices need to ensure that family wealth doesn’t just last, it also needs to grow. Whether it’s an investment property, development site or residential home for family members, our expert help in sourcing, valuating, and facilitating the transaction is the reason many family offices choose Optima.
  7. High-profile Individuals
    Whether it’s a global celebrity seeking to purchase a luxe pad overlooking Bondi, or a billionaire needing a waterfront in Vaucluse, Optima provides the discretion and the expertise to transact favourably. We maintain absolute privacy for our clients using a combination of live virtual tours, private appointments (with security cameras off), and negotiation representation by the best in the business. We’re familiar with the often specific requirements of high profile clients and how they view security, privacy, and luxury when assessing a property.

To work out your repayments click here to use Commonwealth Bank’s handy tool.

To calculate how much stamp duty you have to pay click here to use the NSW Government’s handy tool. There are some nuances to it so best to confirm with your buyer’s agent.