Save 50% On Your Upgrade

Apr 1, 2020

A combination of edges can enable you to save 50% on your upgrade cost.

Some people believe that there are no bargains in property especially in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

It may be true that you can’t find a $10M property for $5M … because if it was worth $10M they could market it and go to auction to get somewhere between $8M and $12M. However that doesn’t mean that a savvy operator can’t save a bucketload of money.

The compound effect of 10 little 1% edges will get you into a much better home than you would otherwise. Consider the following example which illustrates how savvy operating could save you 50% on the cost of upgrading your home:

  • Suppose someone is selling their $10M place and buying a $15M place. That means their upgrade cost will be $5M. (ignore transaction fees for the purposes of this illustration)
  • Now suppose they “squeeze the lemon” as it were, and do 10% better on their sale, and 10% better on their purchase:
  • That means they sell for $11M and buy for $13.5M. That means their upgrade cost will be $2.5M … 50% less than it would have been otherwise.

That’s big bikkies. So how do you achieve this? Give us a call and let’s have a discussion about how to get an edge.